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Footsak Knit beige


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Technische Details

in Chunky Knit

Footsak takes ‘putting your feet up’ to a whole other level. Paired together with Beanbag and Noodle and you have yourself the ultimate Beanbag lounging experience. Footsak looks great as an accessory on top of Sofa or Beanbag and it even works as a soft, small poof to sit on in the event that your four-legged friend (or that friend that never leaves) has claimed your Beanbag as their own. We know, it happens

Bold and bodacious, our newest addition to the vetsak family is Chunky Knit. The model of indoor style and outdoor durability, enjoy its knitted detail and iconic comfort inside and out. Water-resitant and lifestyle proof, our vetsak Knit covers are changeable and machine washable. The finishing touch to your Sofa or Beanbag vision, available in a variety of tones to match you and your individual style.

  • incredibly Comfortable Memory Foam Footsak
  • One-of-a-Kind, Durable & Long-lasting, High-Quality Knit Textiles
  • Machine Washable, Exchangeable Covers
  • Handmade, Ethically Produced & 100% Vegan
  • Made in the EU

Dimensions Footsak

Approximately D60 x H45 cm

Filling + Volume

Upcycled, Shredded, Memory Foam Flakes
OEKO-TEX-100 standard


4.7 kg of Pure Love

Cover Textile
Chunky Knit

Machine Washable at 30° Degrees
100% Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric


⤓ Pflegeanleitung

Individueller Komfort

Für noch mehr Komfort in deinem Garten: Unsere wetter- und UV beständigen Outdoor Accessoires verleihen deiner vetsak Outdoor Lounge das kleine Extra an Gemütlichkeit. Und solltest du Mal frischen Wind brauche: Alle vetsak-Bezüge sind abnehm- und austauschbar.

Damit du möglichst lange Freude an deinem vetsak Produkt hast, solltest du die individuellen Pflegehinweise beachten.

Mix and Match

Mach' es dir jetzt so richtig gemütlich und statte deine Loungemöbel mit so vielen kuscheligen Kissen aus, wie du magst. Für das optimale vetsak Chill-Out Erlebnis mische und kombiniere verschiedene Töne, Stoffe und Kissenvarianten. Ob rund, quadratisch, rechteckig oder riesig, wir lieben sie alle.

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