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Sofa Seat 84x84 Faux Fur grey


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Technische Details

in 100% Vegan, Faux Rabbit Fur

Our vetsak Sofa, the comfort change-maker. Our Sofa Modules allow you to create a unique piece of furniture, that reflects your own personality and lifestyle. Mix & match fabrics and sizes, and click-in additional Modules and Sides to create your signature Sofa.

A daybed to curl up and read a book on, a nap-time worthy Sofa, or your Large lounge set that the whole family enjoys - our Sofa Modules instantly make you feel at home. Hate building-up furniture? Us too. That’s why we designed Sofa to avoid frustration in every way. Building it up is super easy and effortless, as every part fits together in just a few clips and clicks. No need for any tools, screws, yelling, crying, months of staring at unpacked boxes, the usual furniture setup woos. It’s absolute comfort, in just a few simple steps.
Dont worry, we know that with time life happens, we grow or sometimes we just feel that it’s time to change things up again. So, we’ve designed our Sofa Modules so that you can easily add on or change arrangement or reinvent your look with our top-quality Covers that come in a variety of fabrics and colours.

Our Faux Rabbit Fur vetsak Covers are designed with real life in mind - super easy to change, machine washable and are of long-lasting quality. As our coolest addition to the vetsak family, we simply can’t get enough of it. Made of rare and rad fabric, This first of its kind fabric feels like real-fur, is ultra soft, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. And did we mention that it's also machine washable and stays cushy and soft, wash after wash?

  • Incredibly Comfortable, One-of-a-Kind Modular Sofa
  • One-of-a-Kind, Durable & Long-Lasting, High-Quality Faux Fur Textiles
  • Machine Washable, Changeable Covers
  • Handmade, Ethically Produced & 100% Vegan
  • Made in the EU

Grösse Sofa Seat 105x105 Large

Ungefähr L105 x W105 x H37 cm
16.1 Kg pure Liebe

Grösse Sofa Seat 105x84 Medium

Ungefähr L84 x W105 x H37 cm
14 Kg pure Liebe

Grösse Sofa Seat 84x84 Small

Ungefähr L84 x W84 x H37 cm
14 Kg pure Liebe

Grösse Sofa Side 105x31

Ungefähr L105 x W31 x H60 cm
4.52 Kg pure Liebe

Grösse Sofa Side 84x31

Ungefähr L84 x W31 x H60 cm
4.52 Kg pure Liebe

Was ist drin?

EPP Sofa Foundation Form
Sofa inner Foam Pad
Sofa Wraparound Foam-filled inner
Sofa Cover

Cover Textile
in 100% Vegan, Faux Rabbit Fur

Maschinenwaschbar bei 30 Grad Celsius
100% Polyester Fabric Made from Recycled PET Bottles
80% Polyester / 20% Cotton Backing

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⤓ Pflegeanleitung

Eleganter Komfort im neuen Design

So fett, so bequem, und so cool. Das "Sofa", wie wir es kennen, völlig neu erfunden. Schichten von kuscheliger Schaumstofffüllung auf langlebigem EPP & einzigartiger, innovativer Sofa-Technologie.

38 Farben, 8 Stoffe, 5 Module

& unzählige Möglichkeiten, sie zu kombinieren. Mach' dein vetsak-Sofa zu einem Unikat und gestalte es so, wie du es brauchst.

Damit du möglichst lange Freude an deinem vetsak Produkt hast, solltest du die individuellen Pflegehinweise beachten.

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